Blood Analysis

Blood Analysis

STEP 1: FREE CONSULTATION 20 minutes ($75 value) and EXAM ($75)

Come in for a FREE consultation where you can meet directly with Ashlynn, discussing your current health concerns and interest in partaking in the Nutrition by Design program.

During your consultation, Ashlynn will listen to your health concerns and determine the best testing for you. If interested in the program, you will then complete an exam which includes: height, weight, blood pressure measurements, basic urinalysis and EKG assessment.

Ashlynn will provide the appropriate LabCorp slip to you, to take to your local LabCorp for testing.

STEP 2: Complete online patient symptoms survey

There is a link that will be sent via email where you are able to document all of your symptoms, medications and other important patient history. After completing and submitting the survey, your results will automatically link to your Science Based Nutrition™ Report of Findings. In your report, your symptoms will connect to certain potential and current health conditions, along with medication side effects correlated to your personal results.

STEP 3: Complete the Blood Analysis

*All Lab work is done at LabCorp Facilities. Please visit to find your local LabCorp.

Standard Markel Panel ($225):
-Cardiovascular Disease
-Kidney Function
-Liver Function
-Inflammation Markers
-Protein Levels
-Complete Blood Count
-Thyroid Function
-Iron Levels
-Vitamin D

Cancer Panels ($250)

MHTFR ($400)

EBV ($250)

Cleveland Heart Panel ($332)

STEP 4: Report of Findings ($275)

After your lab work is complete, a personalized Science Based Nutrition™ Report is generated, revealing your current health status from the tests that you completed. This in-depth report links your symptoms, medications and lab results together revealing potential and current health conditions. This detailed report highlights suggestive findings and also promotes specific nutritional supplementation connected to presenting health concerns. Ashlynn customizes necessary dietary and lifestyle changes, in addition to incorporating nutritional supplementation to improve your health.

After one-month following the Science Based Nutrition™ and Nutrition by Design protocols, a lab re-test is imperative in tracking your health improvements.