Pantry Detox and Grocery Store Tours


This unique program encourages a complete kitchen transformation, starting with your pantry. Ashlynn will come to your house and provide insight on the products that you keep in your pantry, cabinets, drawers and refrigerator. From the utensils you use to cook to the ingredients that you put in your body.
Ashlynn will go through your staples like spices, canned and processed/packaged foods and provide education on the products that you use daily, suggesting alternatives. This will involve label reading education, so that you can confidently interpret a food label and know that you are purchasing quality ingredients to keep in your pantry.

This is split up into three, sixty-minute sessions. Sessions 1 includes pantry/cabinet clean out. Session 2 includes refrigerator clean out and Session 3 includes kitchen utensil clean out.


This 1.5 hour grocery store tour is held at the grocery store of your choice. Throughout the time spent in the grocery store Ashlynn will touch on the following topics:

-How to spend your food dollars

-How to save money at the grocery store

-Comparing unit pricing

-Difference between fresh, frozen and canned produce (fruits and veggies)

-Label Reading

-Whole Grain Buys



Ashlynn’s goal is to help you learn how to shop healthy on a budget. There are several tips and tricks she can provide insight on to help you make the most nutritious and budget friendly choices.
**If outside of NH, mileage (.54 cents per mile) will be added on to cost of program.